I finally got time to make some changes to IBAN tools library. Library now supports all countries from IBAN Specification, revision 66.

List of changes in version 1.1.0:

  • Added Sao Tome And Principe (ST)
  • Added Saint Lucia (LC)
  • Added Aland Islands (AX)
  • Added French Guyana (GF)
  • Added Guadeloupe (GP)
  • Added Martinique (MQ)
  • Added Reunion (RE)
  • Added French Polynesia (PF)
  • Added French Southern Territories (TF)
  • Added Mayotte (YT)
  • Added New Caledonia (NC)
  • Added Saint Barthelemy (BL)
  • Added Saint Martin (MF)
  • Added Saint Pierre et Miquelon (PM)
  • Added Wallis and Futuna Islands (WF)
  • Added Seychelles (SC)
  • Fixed Republic of Azerbaijan and Jordan regexps
  • Fixed some of the country names
  • Added Node 6 to Travis CI
  • Added this ChangeLog
  • Updated development dependencies and typings
  • Removed old script that used to retrive IBAN countries and codes from Wikipedia
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