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Create Atom feed per tag/category in Middleman

I use Middleman as static page genarator for this website. One question I often get is how to build separate Atom feed for every category/tag that I use on this site. Here is solution that I end up using.

Writen on Mar 26, 2017, 19:01 and filed under: Middleman, Ruby, Website.

IBAN tools 1.3.0 released

I released IBAN Tools version 1.3.0. This version of IBANTools contains bug fixes and some other improvements.

Writen on Mar 9, 2017, 20:15 and filed under: TypeScript, IBANTools, JavaScript.

IBAN tools 1.2.0 released

A week ago I started updating development dependencies for IBANTools library. After yesterdays feature request to add BIC/SWIFT validation I added that too.

Writen on Feb 4, 2017, 13:12 and filed under: TypeScript, IBANTools, JavaScript.

Arduino controlling LED strip

Arduino Nano controlling WS2812B LED strip with 100 LEDs

Writen on Jan 8, 2017, 18:33 and filed under: Arduino, Arduino Nano, C, Embedded, WS2812B.